Jonathan Vidal, born in 1990, is a recent graduate of the HEAD in Geneva. He lives and works between Geneva and Marseille. Along his artistic practice he’s also one of the founder and member of G.A.R.A.G.E, a collective that is actively engaged in the defense and promotion of cultural workers rights.His work was recently shown at PACE Gallery in Geneva and at the Artorama fair in Marseille where he received the ShowroomAward, as well as in several art spaces in Geneva such as Duplex Walden and Zabriskie Point.Jonathan’s works focus on integrating elements from economic philosophy and technological progress with a cynical and critical position towards their entanglement with the neoliberal system. His work also finds its roots in the contradictions of artistic work, where the question of traditional techniques is confronted with the approach of future technologies. With a critical approach, Jonathan Vidal proposes a comprehensive aesthetic of the relationship between these subjects. Thus he uses words and images as means to recreate contexts where these ways of thinking collide with pagan elements and the celebration of strangeness. His production and the techniques of craft he uses are the means to translate the dichotomy and contradictions that the neoliberal terminology per se is assessing into our daily lives. The appropriation of these specific vocabulary and forms are eventually coexisting in the shapes of encapsulated paintings and sculptural objects.

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